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A creative and dynamic form of yoga that uses breath to link physical yoga postures. Each class is different and postures are sequenced in a way to help increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and allow you to tune in to your body’s own rhythm. Although all levels are welcome, a reasonable level of fitness/mobility is recommended,

Vinyasa yoga has several different meanings. The word vinyasa comes from Sanskrit—the ancient Indian language that is used in yoga. 

Vinyasa means linking movement with breath. During your yoga practice you can focus on bringing awareness to your breathing and using your breath as a way to guide you through the movements. Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic practice where you move through a flow of different yoga poses.  

Typically, you will flow a few times in and out of a pose, before staying there for several breaths. Doing your best to follow the guidance of your breath. This allows the body to ease gently into postures that build flexibility, strength and balance.

Another definition of vinyasa yoga means one followed by the other. There are many different yoga poses linked to together through a series of movements. With every movement being linked to a breath. 

Often in each vinyasa yoga class you’ll practice many of the same postures but approaching them in a different order and way based on the theme you’re focused on in class. 

Vinyasa yoga is quite unique in the fact that there is really a balance between flexibility, strength and balance. So not only focusing on flexibility, but also learning how to use and build strength and balance in the body. 

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