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Reiki Level II Training

Reiki level II training continues our learning tradition of lecture, discussion, self-treatment and clinical practice with classmates and the community. We explore the traditional Reiki symbols and integrate them into our hands-on practice, drawing from their esoteric, traditional, as well as intuitive meaning. We learn to practice distance Reiki treatment. This class helps us deepen our personal growth with our Reiki practice, clinical practice, self-practice. distance treatment as well as developing a sustained relationship with a client. 

Reiki level I attunement is required prior to taking this course. 

The course includes:

  • Hands-on and distance treatment practice on yourself and others

  • Exploration and integration of the traditional Reiki symbols

  • On-going group practice and discussion

  • Clinical practice

  • Help and support to incorporate Reiki practice into your everyday life

  • Access to teacher support both in and out of class

  • 2 attunements (initiations)

  • Manual for each student

  • Reiki level II certification upon completion of the course


Reiki Level II training & attunements are held on a Saturday or Sunday.

Reiki I attunement is required prior to taking this training

Investment: $333

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