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5-minute Manifestation

5 easy peasey steps to help you on your way to manifest your desire

Define your desire

Take about a minute to write down what you desire. Don't think too hard about it, or how it would be. Simply define what you want. Example: I want a brand new car.

I am statements

Write what you desire as if you already have it. Utilize, "I am", statements or write in first person as if you already have your desire. Example: I love driving my brand new car. My new car has all the latest options, I feel safe in my new car.

Do not think too much about it, just jot down what comes to mind, let it flow freely, should only take about 30 seconds.

Three changes

Write three different results that will change in your life with this desire being fulfilled. Take only a minute to jot this down. Example: I travel more, I obtained a new, higher paying job, I feel confident and safe.

Again, do not think too much, just let what ever comes flow freely, for about 30 seconds.


Take 2-3 minutes to daydream about your wish being fulfilled in first person. Imagine yourself in the driver's seat, hands on the wheel. Perhaps a friend is with you and you hear them say, "Wow, I love your new car!"


Write a thank-you note for the wish being fulfilled.

Dear Universe (or whatever you prefer, i.e. Divine, God, Highest-self etc.),

I am extremely grateful for my brand new car and all the positive journey's and things it brings into my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With gratitude,


Give this a go, have unwavering faith that your desire is on its way, You are the operant power and can have all that you want in this life!

much love,


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